Why Use Cloth?

Dakota (2)

Our Gorgeous Cloth Diaper Model

If this adorable sweetheart alone doesn’t convince you to use cloth diapers, check out these other reasons…



Averaging the cost of 2.5 years of diapering, cloth diapers will run you around $300-600 (buy pre-owned for even more savings). Disposables will run between $2600-4000, depending on brand (with environmentally friendly ones accounting for the higher end of averages). Bonus–cloth diapered children are often potty trained more quickly than others!

Second bonus–subsequent children can reuse your stash of cloth diapers, saving you even more money! Buy gender-neutral patterns to ensure easy recycling. 🙂



cloth vs disposable

Enough said.



Come feel the chemical-free softness that can be next to your baby’s skin!


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